Executive Leadership Breakout Session 2

Leading through Adversity: How to lead through tough times with purpose, vision, and discipline.

In this engaging and interactive presentation, participants can expect to learn:

  • To discuss principles for finding opportunity in adversity

  • Inform the audience of the 3 foundational elements of leadership

  • Give the audience practical ways to connect with their team during times of adversity

Michael B. Ross

Michael Ross helps companies become more productive and profitable by creating better cultures. He has worked with hundreds of business owners and executives, from large corporation to small businesses, helping them become more effective leaders who inspire their employees and grow their revenues. His dynamic leadership programs have reshaped companies, from stagnation and paralysis to highly competitive and successful organizations. Organizations that engage him and his dynamic leadership programs become leaders in their fields.


In building his firm and programs, he has parlayed two advanced degrees in leadership culture and change behavior and two certifications with a rare skill in helping leaders clarify their vision and effect real behavioral change in their organizations. His Dynamic Leadership program trains executives to be real leaders, to grow their businesses by creating and fostering a culture that puts employees in a position of strength and power, operating with the knowledge that they are contributing to a cause greater than themselves.


Michael roots his Dynamic Leadership program in his knowledge of the sociology and psychology of leadership. His holistic approach is founded on the principle that companies will expand and grow if they build from their cultures out, which he has expounded upon in four highly praised books: Building You, Overcoming the Character Deficit, A Clear View and Do It Anyway