Executive Leadership Breakout Session 1

Generational Leadership

Each generation—Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials or Gen Zs—have different expectations, communication styles, and perspectives. Bridging the generation gap doesn’t have to be difficult, but often it is.  As the newest generations move into the workplace and into leadership positions, questions frequently arise about proper work ethic and workplace attitudes.  Understanding what influences have created each distinctive generation’s behaviors can provide insight for more efficient and effective working relationships. Adopting a management strategy to target the distinctive characteristics of each different generation in the workplace can allow employers to harness each of their respective strengths to better compete in the marketplace.

Key take aways include a better understanding for all generations on:

   *Communication, feedback, and deference to authority

   * Expectations around loyalty, work ethic, job focus and preferences for being managed

   * Career development, use of technology and expected working environment

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Presenter Details:

Susan Hileman

Susan R Hileman is a certified speaker, trainer & coach as part of the John Maxwell Team, as well as a certified DDI Facilitator providing organizations with engaging and powerful messages for positive growth. She has degrees in Business Management and Speech Communications from Clarion University and is a Masters’ degree candidate in Organizational Leadership as well as a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. Susan has been the CEO of RED Day Communications LLC since 2009 as well as a Strategic Business Advisor for the Northwest IRC for the last 15 years, directly assisting manufacturers with targeted business growth, customized training and, most recently, oversight of the region’s COVID Recovery Program. She has a passion for helping companies better understand how to attract, retain and engage employees of all ages in an impactful way!